Learn how to be the best sporting parent you can be.

Written, designed and presented by professional coach, mentor and sports commentator, Wayne Goldsmith

This unique online course features engaging, interesting and informative video lessons, downloadable charts, techniques and practical activities

How can you help your child to learn to love sport?

How can you encourage them to enjoy the experience of sport?

How do you help them realise their complete sporting potential?


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Wayne Goldsmith has been delivering SPORTING PARENTS education seminars all over the world for the past 28 years.

He's presented workshops and Sporting Parent events in Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Spain, South Korea and across the Asia - Pacific Region.

"I've been presenting SPORTING PARENTS sessions around the world for almost 30 years. In that time I've spoken to tens of thousands of Sporting Parents about the issues and challenges that are important to them. 

This course SPORTING PARENTS: PARENTING POTENTIAL is the culmination of all those discussions and offers parents of kids who play sport no matter what age the child may be or at what level they play sport, the information they need to be outstanding Sporting Parents".

This course is a must for every SPORTING PARENT.

It doesn't matter if your child has just picked up a baseball bat for the first time or is heading for the Major Leagues...this course, SPORTING PARENTS: PARENTING POTENTIAL gives you unique insights into being that wonderful, supportive sporting parent you want to be.

Your child might be playing football for fun with their friends and family or they could have been recruited by a professional team and destined for greatness - this course will equip you to be the sporting parent your child needs to realize their complete potential in sport - and in life.

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  • 2

    Being A Sporting Parent

  • 3

    First Steps Into Sport

    • First Steps Into Sport

    • Your First Steps

    • Practical Activity - First Steps into Sport

    • Why Kids Drop-out from Sport - and What Parents Can do to Reduce Sports Drop-Out!

  • 4

    Finding The Right Sport

    • Finding The Right Sport

    • Finding The Right Sport

    • Practical Activity - Finding the Right Sport.

  • 5

    Finding The Right Coach

    • Finding The Right Coach

    • Finding The Right Coach

    • Practical Activity - Find the Right Coach

    • Working with your Child's Coach - The Partnership of Potential

    • The Partnership - Coach, Athlete, Parent.

    • The F.A.I.R. Coaching Model

  • 6


    • Talent

    • Talent

    • Practical Activity - Talent

    • Talent is Over-rated!

  • 7


    • Training

    • How Much Training is Right for My Child?

    • Practical Activity - How Much Training is Right for My Child?

    • 10,000 Hours of Training - A Complete Fallacy

  • 8


    • Specialization

    • Specialization

    • Practical Activity - Specialization

    • Holistic Development of Your Child - the Key to Success in Sport and Life.

  • 9

    Winning And Losing

    • Winning And Losing

    • Winning And Losing

    • Practical Activity

    • Three Phrases Sporting Parents Need to Avoid

  • 10

    Prizes And Awards

    • Prizes And Awards

    • Prizes And Awards

    • Practical Activity

  • 11

    Excellence - Reaching Higher

    • Reaching Higher

    • Reaching Higher

    • Practical Activity

    • The Ten Essential Qualities of Greatness.

    • Park to Pathway

  • 12


    • Summary

    • Summary

    • Practical Activity

    • Sporting Parent - Parenting Potential: Learning Reflection Quiz

    • Thank You

Discover unique insights into being that wonderful, supportive sporting parent you want to be.

Professional Views

International sports coaching expert, Wayne Goldsmith has influenced the coaching, thinking and teaching of some of the world’s leading athletes, coaches and teams.

Incisive, Straighforward, Instantly Useable

Jason Pine, Radio Sport (NZ)

Sport at every level – from junior to elite – is going through a period of unprecedented change. Wayne Goldsmith is able to cut through the clutter and provide incisive, straightforward, instantly usable advice to athletes, parents, coaches and administrators on how to survive – and thrive – in an ever-changing sporting landscape.

Greater Joy, and Success

Brett Reid, Triathlon Coach/Sport Psychologist

For well over a decade Wayne Goldsmith has been an innovator when comes to identifying participation trends and creating performance coaching models. I believe (people will) find greater joy and success in coaching, and perhaps more importantly, they will have an everlasting positive impact on the people they coach. Well done, Wayne!

Guide Them Along Their Journey

Dr Ralph Richards, Coaching and Development Co-ordinator

Successful coaches from past generations have always distinguished themselves as ‘good communicators’, with the ability to work with their athletes and guide them along their journey. Wayne Goldsmith has spent his professional life observing and categorising both good and bad coaching practice....