Initiate, Innovate, Drive Change and Inspire.

Be a change leader – and a future shaper – in the sports industry.

Over the four webinars, we will look closely at the critical elements of change from changing yourself to changing others and influencing everyone and everything associated with your organisation.

Presented by Wayne Goldsmith, a renowned sports industry thought leader, the series will challenge you to look at your own mechanisms and models of change and provide you with practical and proven ways to inspire change.

Webinar Series

  • 1


    • Webinar (8 March 2021)

    • Changing You Presentation

  • 2


    • Webinar (15 March 2021)

    • Changing Ideas Presentation

  • 3


    • Webinar (22 March 2021)

    • Changing Other People Presentation

  • 4


    • Webinar (29 March 2021)

    • Changing Systems And Networks Presentation

Course Leader

Coach & Trainer

Wayne Goldsmith

For more than 25 years, Wayne Goldsmith has been one of the most influential people in world swimming.

His work has inspired many of the sport's leading coaches, scientists and leaders across the globe. His teaching has challenged the way swimming is coached all over the world and he has transformed the way coaches and scientists think about the sport.

When it comes to performance, Wayne knows what works. He’s been there – Olympic Games, World Championships, Professional Football Finals, International Tours with professional teams – he understands what it takes to bring out the best in individuals, teams and organisations.