Three course bundle, plus three one-on-one mentoring calls

As any coach knows, the most effective coaching is one-2-one: a coaching experience where the coach connects and engages with the learner and inspires them to be all they can be.

Our premium coaching service offers an unparalleled coaching experience: a one-on-one coaching program delivered by Wayne Goldsmith in person.

In addition to gaining access to the three courses in this bundle, Wayne will meet with you for three sessions via Zoom and work directly with you on your unique, specific coach education needs.

This is a unique and intensive way to accelerate your coaching knowledge and skills and the perfect solution to all your coaching problems.

WG Coaching Wayne Goldsmith

Arranging Your Mentoring Calls

Online coaching calls via Zoom

After booking, you will immediately gain access to the three courses in this bundle. Click here to book the date and time for the first of your three mentoring calls.